Stephen's New Word


It sounds a little more like the "caw" noise that a crow makes, albeit quieter and less jarring to the senses. He points at vehicles on the road, in parking lots, or on television, emphatically proclaiming, "caw!" while looking very pleased with himself.

Yes, our boy is well on his way to joining the speaking world. He's got a small parcel of words at his disposal, though they require a little bit of translation every so often. He has words for his mother and I, but he rarely uses them. Also, he seems to have two versions of "no." The first is very definitely "no," perhaps being the first word that's he's uttered that is quite unmistakable.

The second "no" sounds more like "nay," which he repeats endlessly when under duress (such as if he's being chased or tickled by his parents). It is accompanied by much hysterical laughter on his part.

He says "Hastur," though the cat's name is reduced to "Ha-ha" in Stephen-speak. As has been the case since early on in his speech, "ing" is his word for any cat or kitten.

Stephen is familiar with temperature, and is able to express hot and cold by saying, "hah!" and "coh!" like so. When he wants an additional helping of something, he will ask for "moh," typically accompanying his verbal request with his baby hand sign of the same meaning. He also recognizes any structure, no matter how big or small, as a "how" (ie, "house").

Sometimes, he combines gibberish with words into scentences. The other day, it sounded something like, "Blah blah Ha-ha blah!" This was obviously something to do with Ha-ha (ie, Hastur), but we don't have a clue what he was saying.

I was worried for the longest time, because the boy wasn't talking very much (if at all) around the time of his 18 month check-up. Right now, it's almost like we have a new word every day. It's delightful.

As far as the new baby is concerned, she's growing ever larger and her mother is becoming ever more uncomfortable as the unborn burden's mass increases. Lots of kicking going on in there, too. We'd taken to pointing to Amy's tummy and telling Stephen, "There's a baby in there." He's got his wires crossed, though, because when we ask him where the baby is, he now points at his own belly.

What a wierdo.


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