Two Days Off - in a ROW, Even!

I actually got to take the whole weekend off (though it's a temporary reprieve, at best), and I just sort of lounged around and did very little of any importance. I ran some errands, but that was about it. I've got freelance projects that need tending to, but I'm so darn tired right now that I'd do more harm than good if I tried to do any serious writing.

Today was a bright and sunny, mildly chilly day. Temperatures in the 50's, I'd say. Stephen and I went down to the playground so that he could run around and do little boy things.

Speaking of little boy things, see Stephen run. Run, Stephen, Run!

There are four slides out there, and he seems to like them all. I managed to squeeze this shot off as he looked down at me from the top.

I also took Stephen out and tried to teach him the intricacies of peddling his tricycle. He doesn't quite get it; plus, I think his legs are about an inch too short yet. The concept of steering also eludes him. He's not quite 3 yet, so I can give him some slack, especially since he knows his ABC's and 123's.

After playing at the playground, we drove to Target to pick up some diapers. It was a nice drive. Stephen was less than enthusiastic about having his picture taken in the car, so I snapped this one of him in the rear view mirror when he wasn't paying me any mind.

As for Maddy, little Miss Newly-Turned-One is just as happy and chipper as always. Amy swears she said "mom-ma" the other day (in imitation of Stephen), and we've often heard her say what sounds like "hi" when we say hello to her. She waves goodbye now, and uses the baby sign for more (the same hand to mouth gesture that Stephen used when he was her age).

She communicates by babbling, and, as seen here, she also likes to dance.


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