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So here it is, November already. Sheesh. This year is zipping by.

The news: Maddie crawls, she has nigh on ten teeth, and she likes to stand up. She'll be walking by Thanksgiving, or Christmas at the latest.

Stephen has entered an entirely new phase of not wanting to eat. It's a nightly struggle just to get him to eat something, anything.

His new favorite phrase? "I don't like that." He's specific, too, such as saying, "I don't like eating," or "I don't like going to bed."

Amy seems to be getting along fine. I, on the other hand, am suffering from some back pain. Feels like a nerve to me, but then again, I'm not precisely a doctor. I spent today on my back, trying to give it all some rest. If I'm not feeling better by this weekend, I am definitely going to see how good EA's medical insurance is.

For the time being, here are some new pictures of the kids. Enjoy!

Stephen & Daddy Watch TV
I don't remember what we were watching. Amy took this picture when I wasn't paying attention. It's the last time I trust the woman with a camera.

Maddie in the Jumper
We bought this jumper thing, sort of a bungee cord with a seat, for Stephen around the time he was learning to walk. He hated it. Maddie, on the other hand, thinks it's the best thing since soy formula.

Stephen on the Trail: "What's that?"
Stephen and I went hiking again. He tends to point and ask, "What's that?" a lot.

Maddie Meets the Great Pumpkin
Halloween came and went with a whimper. Stephen, too terrified of his Halloween costume (a Jedi, no less), refused to wear it. No tricks or treats were to be had. Maybe he'll be more in the spirit next year.

Stephen at Helen & Paul's
We took a drive to visit Helen & Paul a couple of weeks ago. We took a lot of pictures, but here's one of Stephen, quite at home. He loves Helen and Paul, and he likes running around their house (both inside and outside). We're heading up there for Thanksgiving this year. I only hope he'll eat something.

Until next time...

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Blogger Violet Twilight said...

Woo hoo more pictures :) I can't complain though, the only reason there are pics on my blog is cuz I use the cell phone and immediately message Roland and email myself at the same time, then it only takes a couple of minutes to set up the blog post. If I had to download pics from my camera, well it just wouldn't get done, lol.

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