Yes, yes. It's been far too long.

Despite my exhaustion, I'm going out on a limb and posting some pictures of the kids. Not only that, I've got a special movie that is for Grandma and Grandpa's eyes only! So the rest of you, don't watch it!

(Well, I can't stop you from watching it, so go ahead ... just ignore me calling the camera a phone, and we'll get along fine!)

Also, a couple pics of the kids ...

Madeline, TV & French Fry Junkie
She eats solids these days. She's so used to eating what we eat, that she won't deign to eat baby food any longer. Maddy is such a snob.

The Kids, Out for a Cruise
This is just prior to their three hour cruise on the SS Sterilite. Which one is the Skipper, and which one is Gilligan? You decide!

Stephen (Maddy for Scale)
Stephen has always been a camera hog. Maddy doesn't seem to care for them. She'd rather watch whatever trash is on the TV (which is, thankfully, off-camera). To tell the truth, we rarely have the television on. I understand that there are a couple of shows the kids watch regularly (Teletubbies, Blues Clues, Comfy Couch). Next time I have an impromptu photo shoot, there will be no TV, and there will be no French fries!

My Son, the Hambone
I'm not sure where he inherited his fixation on cameras, considering Amy and I hate having our pictures taken. Maybe when he's old and fat, he'll feel the same way.

More later!

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woo hoo an update, love the vid and the pics ;)

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