June Is Upon Us!

Nearly two months of my son's life has passed since my last post, and where have we been?

Life is busy. Life with a toddler is very busy. All in all, everything has been going well for us. Work is busy, as is my writing slate. Amy just celebrated a year in her current position, and I've been at my new job for going on four months now.

So, how is our little sprout doing?

He's fourteen months along now, and nearly half as tall as his mother is. He walks very well, though he does experience occasional spills and tumbles. Yesterday, after a breakfast of oatmeal, he tripped in the kitchen and fell flat on his face. He bloodied his nose a little bit, which must've been very unpleasant given the bout of crying that ensued. He was none the worse for wear by the end of the day.

Stephen likes reading. To be specific, he likes his mother or myself to read books to him. His current favorite (by Sandra Boynton) is The Belly Button Book, which is a bedtime staple. He'll even venture into his bedroom alone, pull out his books, and leaf through them in his spare time. I guess he likes the pictures.

We get the impression that Stephen will be talking very soon. He's expressive, but I think he'd prefer a more verbal mode of communication than he is currently capable of. As with his other milestones (such as crawling and walking), he'll likely surprise us.

So there's my May update. Sorry for the tardiness. Hopefully, June will be a more active month. Then again, just assume that no news is good news.