Brother & Sister

Here we have the kids sharing quality time in front of the television. Yes, sir. We waste no time whatsoever in rotting their brains with quality American programming (in this case, "Mickey Mouse Club House").

The new camera works, but it has so many bells and whistles that I'm not entirely sure what to do with it just yet. We'll have to get some more photos taken, but in the meantime...

It appears as if Mr. Man wants the camera for himself. Oh, dear...

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Kid Updates

Real quick:

Stephen has slept in his "big boy bed" two nights in a row so far. We had one incident of him ending up on the floor the first night, and I'm not entirely certain how it happened, as I put an obstacle between him and the opening in the bed rail to prevent just such an event. I placed him back in his bed, and he slept the rest of the night.

Stephen also continues to potty train. Not a whole lot of progress (and what progress there has been is, well, better left to the imagination).

So yay for Stephen!

Today is Maddie's second month check-up, including her first round of immunizations. Poor baby!

As for the camera, Stephen's grandma bought us a new one. We spent last night messing around with it, and we'll try to snap some more pictures soon.

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Enter the Monkey Toddler

Stephen has discovered climbing. And he likes it.

Unsurprisingly, his mother and I do not share his enthusiasm. It's only a matter of time before he hurts himself while attempting to reach something he's not allowed to have. The boy has no fear whatsoever.

His climbing has also extended to his crib. No longer can his nocturnal prison confine him. He's definitely gotten the knack of climbing over the wall, but reaching the ground safely is another matter altogether. Twice now, we've been alerted to his escape attempts by the loud THUMP of his body hitting his bedroom floor.

It's a natural progression, or so I'm told. Children learn that they are more than capable of reaching objectives that were once out of their limited reach. I suppose that, in some fashion, I should be proud that he's grown so much. On the other hand, having Madeline around has given me a whole new appreciation for immobile children.