Fourteen Ounces in One Week

We were asked to take Madeline back to her pediatrician so that she could have a weight check. The doctor was concerned about her weight: she was 7lbs 2ozs at birth, but she weighed significantly less than that when we brought her home. By the time she had her first exam last week, she only weighed 6lbs 10ozs.

Never fear, for her weight yesterday came in at a whopping 7lbs 8ozs, which is a net gain of 14 ounces in one week. That's almost an entire pound. I'm impressed, frankly. At this rate, she'll be fully grown in about three months.

In other news, Stephen's birthday is next Wednesday. He'll be turning two, officially. I say "officially" because he's been acting like a two year-old for several months now. I'll be going out a little later to do some birthday shopping for the boy, and we'll be officially celebrating his big day tomorrow (along with his grandma's birthday, which is actually today).

So, happy St. Pat's. Everyone be safe, and eat some green bagels...

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D Day +15

Maddie's been in the world for two weeks as of today. I'm sorry my posts have been few and far between, but it's been an interesting ride. She's a good baby, and she sleeps well. Regardless, our schedule has been affected. There are 2-4 nocturnal feedings and/or diaper changes every night, which gets one or both of us out of bed. She had her first check-up, and came through it fine. She's a little bit underweight, but she eats like a horse so I reckon she'll be fattening up in no time at all.

Stephen is getting along pretty well. He's regressed a little bit, in that he prefers to be carried everywhere when we go out. This from the little boy who, a month ago, wanted to walk by himself and complained if you put him in a shopping cart instead of leaving him on his own two feet.

So, for the time being, here are some relatively recent photos of the kids. Enjoy!

Madeline on Her First Day Home

Pretty In Pink

Stephen Cools Off with an Ice Cream Cone


Free At Last

A brief update.

Amy and Madeline are home as of today. Both are sleeping soundly at the moment. I expect this weekend will be a gauntlet of sorts, but we'll get through it.

More later...

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