Ladies and Gentlemen ... I Present Madeline!

Yes, the amazing baby and her kissy face! What a marvel!

Madeline is full of holiday cheer

Christmas Tree 2007

This year, we've got an artificial tree! Gasp! I've probably said it a million times: "I'm never going to buy an artificial tree."

Well, we needed some holiday cheer around the apartment, and since we'll be out of town for a bit, I didn't want to worry about watering (or otherwise caring for) a half-dead zombie Christmas tree, like in years past. Consider it a temporary concession.

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Stephen's Menagerie

Stephen has a small collection of stuffed kitties that he shares his bed with each and every night. Here there are, all together:

Top Row, L to R:
Grumpy Kitty, Scoopers, HaHa Kitty, and Huntington
Bottom Row, L to R:
Merlin Kitty, Teega, Murphy Kitty, Hodges, and Paws

He named most of them by himself, though Huntington is one of Amy's old toys (named after the city he was purchased in, Huntington Beach). It's pretty funny to hear Stephen recite all their names. I admit, he has a better memory than I do.

"Where's the snow?"

Unfortunately, the snow is gone. It's gotten a little bit warmer over the past couple of days, but I have no doubt that we'll see more snow by the end of the year. Stephen enjoyed playing in the snow, and here he is bundled up and ready for a snowball fight.

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It's Snowing

We've had our first snowfall, as you can see:

Stephen was hyped! He woke right up and wanted to go outside. Amy will take him out later and let him make snow angels and whatever else.

I drove to work this morning, my first time driving in snow. To see the other folks on the road, you'd think it was their first time, too. It could've been worse. I suppose it will get worse as winter goes on.

Also, some pics of the kids from Thanksgiving. We took these before we left, but the battery in the camera was dying, so we weren't able to take any more.

Maddie in her Thanksgiving best.

Stephen and His Kitty Want Cranberries!

Can't say much now, gotta get to work!

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