Stephen Has Left the Building

Stephen's grandma arrived on Saturday evening. We spent Sunday in DC, and she and my boy boarded a Southwest flight on Monday morning.

We've got some pictures of the weekend -- I'll have to post them later -- as well as some good memories. The ride on the Metro was interesting, and not necessarily in a bad way. Both Stephen and Maddie behaved themselves well, even given the exhausting nature of the trip for such small children.

Amy and I were both sad to see Stephen go, even for such a short period of time. He's our son, and we've rarely been apart from him for more than a couple of days at a time ever since he was born. I'm going to miss opening the front door after work each day and hearing my boy announce, "Hi, Daddy!" His spontaneous hugs and smiling "I love you!"'s are also sorely missed.

I know he is in good hands, so I won't worry about him. The apartment is very quiet now, even with the low roar that Maddie generates.

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Grandma is Coming

A quick update.


Yes, my mom is flying out to visit us this weekend, staying a day, and then flying back to California with Stephen.

I'm happy to be seeing my mom again; it's been over two months, after all. We'll be heading out to DC to see some of the museums, and I plan to take her out to dinner on Sunday night. I just wish she could stay little bit longer.

The flip side of the coin is that she's taking my son back to California for a three week visit. Amy and I are going to miss him terribly. Given that (outside of work) we only know two people in our area, our kids are an important part of our social network. Maddie will be with us, and I'm sure we will lavish her with attention during Stephen's absence, but I'm still sad to know that I won't see the boy again until October.

So that's the update.

As to not posting more frequently: well, it's busy. Sometimes it's tough to work up the energy to play WoW, much less post meaningful prose on my weblog. The time passes so quickly that I can hardly keep track of it most weeks.

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