You Want Pictures..? Have Some!

Okay, kid fans. You've been wanting pictures of the kids, so I'm posting some. These are in rough chronological order, so bear with me.

Grandma & Stephen Appraise One Another at Lunch
Amy captured this moment between my son and my mother while we had lunch at the Museum of Natural History in DC. I'm not sure what sort of communication was occurring, and neither of them would tell me what they were planning.

Grandma & Maddie Get Re-Acquainted
Between the time we left California, and my mom's visit, Maddie had grown quite a bit. My mom and Maddie got acquainted once more. In the end, Maddie approved of her grandma.

Maddie, Ready for a Sunny Day
Maddie was dressed to impress when we went to Washington with Grampa Lee. Here she is, the very picture of cuteness and innocence, all rolled up into a chubby little package.

Stephen Decides That He'd Rather Get Off the Carousel
Grampa Lee spotted a merry-go-round across the mall, and he and Stephen went for a ride. After about the first twenty or so revolutions, Stephen decided that he was done. The operator had different plans, considering he was giving his girlfriend (the girl with her back to you, behind Grampa Lee) an extra long ride.

Stephen is Ready To Hit the Trail
Last weekend, I took Stephen to the Ellanor C. Lawrence Park to explore the grounds. When we got there, Stephen was dubious. He whined a bit because he didn't want to go, but once we were moving he changed his mind. We decided to take a brief hike, which we both enjoyed.

In the end, Stephen didn't want to leave, and he made sure that I was aware of his protests. It looks like we'll go back to the park soon, especially considering that his new favorite word is "hike."

Maddie Sits Up Like A Pro
Maddie sits up like a big girl. On top of that, she just started crawling this week. Every day, she gets a little bit better at it. No cat is safe. Amy calls her "the Terminator," because she "absolutely will not stop, ever," until she gets the crayons she wants and eats them.

Stephen Is Quickly Learning to Compute
As for Stephen, his latest skill is using either a mouse or touchpad in order to make computers do what he wants them to do. Whether this is putting together a picture online, or deleting Amy's latest literary masterpiece, depends on the circumstances.

I hope you've enjoyed this update, and that it will suffice for a little while.

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Yes, Yes, Yes...

Yes, Stephen is back.

Yes, I've not posted in a while.

Yes, I will post pictures just as soon as I find a spare moment.

Between two kids and work, I'm finding it hard to work up the time or energy to keep this blog up to date. All I can say is that I'll get to it when I get to it.

We discovered yesterday that Maddie snuck two more teeth in on the top, so she's got a total of six very white and very sharp incisors now. She's also very close to crawling, and will probably be completely mobile within a week. She's got the idea down, she just needs to synchronize her brain with her body.

Stephen is fine, too, getting back into the swing of things after three weeks in California. We're making plans to visit in December.

All for now. Like I said, I'll try to get some photos up soon.

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